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A TACP wife!? I know… a rare breed scattered around the globe and hardly ever heard from or about. I have been married just over 3 years, and have been living and learning what it means to be the wife of a TACP during that time. My husband is a JTAC now … so there’s even more to learn.

Yesterday was a horrible day. And as I tried to cope with the fact that my life mainly consists of me waiting around for my husband to come home (even while not deployed), I did some google searching. I was looking for anything out there regarding TACP wives. I found a few links to Air Force forums – that were at least a couple of years old and not informative or supportive at all. I found the lovely ROMAD discussion boards where those searching for info on the career field are told they shouldn’t be married and if they are in love this career may not be for them. (Awesome guys). I found some discussion on facebook where the only people responding on the life a TACP wife can expect were girlfriends of guys enlisting and heading off to basic. (I’m sorry girls, but about half that try don’t make the cut. And you have no idea what this life will be like if you haven’t lived it.) And then I found one blog by a girlfriend of a TACP that was truly honest and open and inspiring. It is not just a blog about the life we find ourselves in when we fall in love with someone that is in the TACP career field, but it was inspiring. And so… I decided to start up my own blog on the subject.

I believe we deserve a voice. In such a fast-paced, high-risk career, there are many demands and restrictions placed on spouses’, girlfriends’, and fiances’ lives. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m even allowed to have an opinion, let alone share it with anyone. I want this to be a safe place… to be open and honest about the ups and downs I face day-to-day. If you happen to stumble across me here and are interested or have any questions about what to expect as TACP, please let me know.

You can email me at tacpwifey at gmail dot com. Check out my Welcome post to get to know a little more of where I’m coming from too!


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~the author in me~

I must say, I am amazed every time I log in here and see how many times my little blog has been viewed. I’m going to leave my FAQ page up, as I hope it is still a useful bit of information for people. But, I am taking my posts down. Now don’t get too excited…

Since I started this blog not only as a way to reach out and be honest about my life as a TACP wife, but also to get myself deeper into a habit of writing (I’ve always wanted to write a book and be published), I’ve decided to fully embark on the adventure of being an author. My plan is to use what was on this blog as my outline and memory triggers while I dive deeper and expand on the story of this life. In an effort to protect my writing efforts from being copied, I thought it best to remove most of my text from the internet. If anyone out there is a publisher, or is interested in my progress – drop me a note!

To all the lovely TACPs and their ladies… Stay strong.